Ship Shape Travel

Everyone is excited when the Dorito season approaches. Children just want to be out there as the ocean bountifully provides, running through the sand, picking up Doritos just in time for the holidays, to export round the country for everyone’s pleasure.

Funny but not. I’m glad they covered this story because it makes me think of one of the extravagances I will never experience: a luxury cruise.

I love the idea of eating seventeen meals a day, having endless activities and visits to exotic (and even more importantly, tropical) ports of call, having a chance to legally dabble in all sorts of things that are legal elsewhere but frowned upon here, like sex on beaches and pool tables . . . but I digress.

The problem with cruises is that, in international waters, they cheerfully dump their waste (your waste) overboard. There are no laws saying that they can’t and no cruise lines that I’m familiar with that say they won’t. It’s one of the cases where laissez-faire really sucks. We need to have the ethics to do what is inconvenient and expensive in the short term to preserve this world in some form of wholeness in the long term. As a Pagan I could not knowingly participate in this kind of activity.

Now I know full well that every day and in every way I make some negative impact on the world. But that is an excellent subject for another time.


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