The Light Bulb Challenge

[Note: this is part of a webwide series of blog posts about compact fluorescent lightbulbs. January is the darkest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (December might be a bit darker, but with all the candles, trees and dropping balls, we work hard to light it up). To fight off the darkness, bloggers everywhere are invited to create a post with their own riff on why CF bulbs are cheaper, better politically, harder to market or just plain cute. Your choice.]

I was slow to adopt compact flourescent light bulbs. I still have trouble spelling fluorescent. I use flour over fluor. But floury speech alone will not change our approach to light. We knead to recognize what it is that keeps us in the fold of the incandescent bulb. It may be a bad idea to stir this issue up but a challenge was given and I dough not shirk that easily. In fact, I eat it up. Any facts I come up with will just be icing on the cake.

Buy those bulbs or I will continue.


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