Congress Can’t Have It Both Ways

What you put out into the world, comes back to you three times.

Congress has made it clear that it wants to put the brakes on the “war” in Iraq by stipulating a troop withdrawal deadline in the current funding bill. With the Democrats holding the majority, they are now attempting to undercut the President’s constitutional role of commander-in-chief with their own mandated job of holder of the purse strings.

I’d be more comfortable with our Senators and Representatives taking the high road and staging this cleverly executed end-run around W if they were at all willing to take responsibility for their own actions in the current conflict.

I placed “war” in quotations because we are not now, and never have been, at war with or in Iraq. I know this because the Congress is the only body that is entitled to make such a declaration, and the Congress abdicated this role. Instead of actually having the balls to declare war if they felt so strongly about the Hussein regime, they simply authorized our President to invade.

Now, after countless dollars and a fair amount of lives have been spent on the effort, the legislative branch seeks to hide its own malfeasance by demanding a strategy that can do nothing but fail. Leaders take their responsibilities seriously, and admit their failures with grace. Our congressional leaders, most of whom voted to support Bush’s actions in the first place, have done nothing of the sort. Instead they seek to misdirect all the blame onto a President who certainly is equally tainted in this debacle. Tainted Bush is, but he could not have engaged our military in Iraq without the willing compliance of Congress. That Congress should have either declared war, or declined to permit the President to act. To decide several years later that they would simply deny our soldiers funding is a weak act, not one worthy of leadership.


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