Body as Temple

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

Thus opens the web page for Egoscue University, which is devoted to the training methods of Pete Egoscue.

I started a training regimen myself with certified postural alignment therapist Lauren Warren, and I didn’t know what to expect. Warren had told me that the Egoscue method was a means of bringing my body back into balance, making up for all the things I do to compensate for an imperfect world.

She started by taking pictures of me, and overlaying them with straight horizontal and vertical lines, to see how close to true my body is. Seems I’m rotating one shoulder, and dropping it a fair amount, and leaning forward on my left side. Despite being a righty, my left side wants to lead in everything.

After studying the way I stand and move, and talking to me about the amount of time I had each day, Warren put together a series of exercises (“ECises”) to do each day. Many of them rely mostly upon gravity to perform, and for the most part they’re all easy to do, if not pain-free. I’m tight in places that she expects me to stretch, and based on how much easier it is on the one side than the other, I’m pretty unbalanced.

However, Warren feels there’s hope for me. I should see improved balance, less pain in my wrist and knee, and improved functional strength over time. ECises are mild, holistic exercises that seek to put that temple which is my body back into shape for worship. It’s an interesting concept, and I will be interested to see how different I stand for my next set of pictures.

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