Oh Lucky Day

Today is Friday the Thirteenth – how wonderful!
This is a day that according to Abrahamic tradition is prone to bad luck. Not so much for Pagans, unless they choose to honor the cultural traditions of the majority.

  • Jesus was one of thirteen at the Last Supper
  • Said supper took place on a Friday (though I have often wondered why the Jews of that era were naming days after Norse gods)
  • Witches gather in traditional covens of thirteen (a number I haven’t ever actually seen . . . two to ten, twenty or more, and one time a few hundred, but never once thirteen in a ritual – go figure)

There are probably other reasons I can’t think of at the moment, but that’s the gist of it – the intersection of Friday (which we generally think of as joyous in the modern world) and the dreaded number thirteen (avoided by hotels, but honored by coffee manufacturers as the number of ounces in a pound) causes a terrible juxtaposition of ill luck for any who expect it.
Watch carefully. Any even slightly inconvenient incident will likely be attributed to the date. If it isn’t, try remarking, “Well, it is Friday the Thirteenth.” No doubt you will get nods of sage agreement.
But what I see today is a Friday (yay!) that isn’t blisteringly hot for change (woo!) and is leading up to a weekend where I don’t have to burn much gasoline (praised be Pedestria!), so it’s a pretty good day from where I sit.
If you choose to have a crappy day, enjoy your bad luck – after all, if you really really want bad luck you ought to have fun with it! Otherwise, just enjoy a glorious Friday!