Magic, Magick, and the Written Word

I’ve always been fascinated by magic, probably because I’m not terribly good at it.

The word itself is interesting. Magic has five letters, whilst magick has six, the last being a “k.” Since K stands for Kallisti, which pretty much proves the law of fives is alive and well. Some people make a distinction between stage illusion and “the Art,” as it were, by adding the -k. I don’t make the distinction, because anyone who doesn’t think spelling it with that “k” isn’t ridiculous hasn’t tried to work out exactly how one pronounces “magickian.”

That question of spelling really has put me off of magic to some extent, because to me language is the oldest magic of all, and it really needs to be respected. Well over a year ago I wrote an article about the topic, and in researching it I found a piece by Taylor Ellwood on Suite101. His article was quite informative and gave me a few more sources to look at, and also introduced me to

So I know that I’m not terribly good at magic, no matter how you spell it, but my search for answers led me to a way to pursue my writing. Granted, I still struggle with the spelling – it probably reduces traffic to some of my articles, this stubbornness – but I’m writing much more now, and enjoying it immensely.


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