Missing the music

To do for 2009: bring back my music.

I don’t have any sound on my computer, and it matters more now. I used to do most of my music listening on CD and tape in the car, but I drive less, and much of my music is on my computer, so I hear much less of it now. This time of year I particularly enjoy music, since so much of it is stuff I can sing along to.

I lost my sound when I reinstalled Windows two or three years ago – something very minor went wrong, and the sound drivers didn’t install properly. I downloaded them fresh from Dell and again they didn’t install; 45 minutes on the phone with their tech support had the employee take me through the same procedure, with the same result. He told me my only option was to reinstall Windows. I had finished that process oh, two hours before the conversation, so I decided to live without sound.

Well I still have no sound, and I still have the same computer. I don’t mind how bad it makes my YouTube videos (example below), but this is the time of year when I really tend to miss out on the music. There is sooooooo much really bad Christmas music out there, and only on my computer may I be selective and only listen to the good stuff.

So maybe this is the year to reinstall Windows.


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