MLK Day – How Convenient!

Hey, a holiday in the doldrums of late January!  We can take a three-day weekend, maybe get away somewhere . . . wasn’t it nice of Martin Luther King, Jr., to be born on the third Monday?

I really think this holiday is a sham.  Not that King doesn’t deserve some sort of recognition for his amazing life, mind you, but if the intention was to honor him, why do you need to do it on a Monday?  Is it more difficult to have observances of his life on a Wednesday or Saturday, if that’s when his birthday falls?  MLK was a great man, and I think just as much could be done in his memory regardless of the day of the week.  So why make it a Monday?
The only reason to mandate that a holiday fall on a Monday is because there’s interest in a long weekend.  There’s nothing wrong with trying to take Mondays off, but if that’s the reason for a holiday, why not just make a Third Monday of January and close businesses for that reason alone?  Would the movement to honor King have lost steam if didn’t offer a mechanism to eliminate those two pesky Presidential birthdays in February that so rarely gave us a weekend?
I still leave in fear of seeing a 9/11 White Sale before I die.

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