Summer growth and change

The summer heat always makes things change, whether they thrive and grow or simply wither on the vine. This holds true for blogs as well as living things.  There are some exciting changes afoot for this blog:

  • There’s a new name – True Pagan Warrior.  It reflects, among other things, a desire to name everything I touch to correspond with my own initials.
  • The new name comes complete with a new URL –
  • To the right you’ll now see a chance to like the TPW page on Facebook.  (The page itself will eventually have content which isn’t on the blog, so don’t be shy with the liking.)
  • The new templates available from Blogger stink, so that didn’t change.
Hopefully all of this new stuff will lead to, well, inspiration to post regularly.  If nothing else, posts shall be made at least as quickly as the Earth’s crust moves.  This will never be the Wild Hunt or anything of that sort, but hopefully it will be a voice that enriches the chorus.

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