Prayers and responses

Some things I learn the hard way.  Okay, lots of things.  Take the power of barley, for example.

A couple of days ago I went about happily blessing the old and new shrines and sacred spots in my yard.  I learned a new (to me, anyway) prayer for libations to the Greek gods, used with libations (translation in italics):

Khaire O Hermes. Eleibometha soi. I have poured a libation to you. Leipsometha soi. I do pour a libation to you. Leibometha soi. I will pour a libation to you. Kharin ekhomen soi. I give you thanks. Khaire!

I also used barley.  The grain can be used as an offering, but it can also be used to mark an offering for a particular god.  I sprinkled it on the altar, the upright stones, the moss gardens, and the houseplants I put out for the summer.

Christmas cactus, before it was offered up.

Alas and alack, the barley on my Christmas cactus marked it as an offering, rather than simply as sacred. The plant is enjoying its second summer outside, but never before did a deer think it a tasty snack.  It was significantly trimmed back, to say the least, and I will be more thoughtful about how I use barley in the future.  I think the cactus got the trim it probably needed, although it may disagree.  I certainly hope Artemis is pleased with the offering.

In other news, this morning I found my herm covered in centipedes.  One of the little guys was walking about with one of its fellows atop its back – is that still called piggyback?

Hermes is an interesting god, since he was still and solid long before he was fleet and nimble, but he retains the qualities of both.  I like having him around.


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