Honoring Ploutos

I’ve been giving some thoughts on how to honor Ploutos, god of wealth.  The youth was blinded by Zeus so he would distribute more indiscriminately, but that method of wealth distribution isn’t exactly working out for most of us.  I think it’s our fault Ploutos doesn’t pay as much attention as we’d like.

Hellenistic gods like offerings, and Ploutos is the blind guardian of shiny things, so I’ve come up with some ways to honor him.  I believe that, living in darkness as he does, that he is appreciative of offerings he can hear, as well as offerings from under the earth and things that grow from the earth.

Offerings to Ploutos in a dark corner

  • I wrote a hymn to Ploutos, the first hymn I have written to a god.  Both the writing and the reading of a hymn is a votive offering.
  • Libations with beer, both because it is made of grain and because opening the bottle has is audible.
  • I started a small altar to him.  It’s in a shadowed corner, symbolizing both his blindness and the subterranean source of precious metals and gems.  The offerings are stones and coins.  I still need a proper god figure for him.
  • I’m still researching what kinds of incense might be pleasing.  Myrrh symbolizes wealth and is earthy like this god.  It’s hard to go wrong with frankincense for any god in this pantheon.  There are, pardon the pun, a wealth of recipes for incense intended to draw wealth to the user, but I need to figure out which ones Ploutos might like.
  • I’m making a commitment to avoid mistakenly calling him Plouton, or writing his name that way.  I’ve caught myself several times just in writing the hymn and this post, so I am going to take extra time during my devotions to get it right.
Ploutos seems to help me draw my many polytraditionalist beliefs together.  As a classic earth-worshipping Gaiaped, I honor the relentless patience of the earth, in the form of plate tectonics and other slow changes.  The sound principles of investing are all based on long-term planning and patience.  Sitting in Quaker meeting is all about waiting, and this morning in that waiting I realized I need to write more posts about money, because this is my ministry.

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