Money: walking the walk

Drawing money to make a better world!

I’ve decided to enable advertising on this site, because promoting the movement of money is important to me.  Money inspires a knee-jerk reaction of “don’t look” in a lot of people, perhaps because the god of wealth is blind, but I want to shed light on the subject and talk about it more, both for my own life and to facilitate it in other Pagans.

Money is linked to the pentacles tarot suit, and I think it’s no accident that the symbol has widespread use among earth-worshiping Pagans.  Money is congealed energy, the essence of the solidity of the earth element.  Pagans don’t typically tithe and are often dirt-poor, and I have always gotten a sense that many of us think that wealth accumulation is somehow bad.  Maybe that’s to make us feel better that we haven’t gotten filthy rich?  (And how many earth-dirt-money references can I make to drive home the point that the earth and money are inextricably linked?)

So, there is advertising, and of course I’m hoping you’ll click on some of it.  I also have affiliate links here and there, so if you’re inspired to buy something, I’ll cut a tiny piece of whatever you pay.  The energy keeps moving into the hands of someone who is trying to make the Earth a better place.

Hail Ploutos!


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