Eating like a caveman

I do not understand why more men haven’t tried the paleo diet.  I know quite a few ladies who have checked it out, but you’d think that a diet designed to eat like a caveman would be appealing to more guys.

My household (two men, one woman) has decided to test out caveman cookin’.  We’re trying out some of the recipes and seeing if we can stomach the stuff.

The diet is based on only eating the kinds of things humans ate after they mastered fire but before agriculture, more or less.  Lots of fruits, vegetables, meats, and nuts.  Avoid carbohydrates like grains, rice, and beans, as well as added sugar and chemical-rich convenience crap.

Giving up bread is gonna be tough, but I’ve never been a lover of rice and beans.  I can adapt to more bacon and eggs pretty easily, but I will sorely miss the peanut butter.

I’m sure the paleo diet has many benefits, but the one I have noticed after only a few days of dabbling is that it, like any diet, gets me thinking about food.  Right consciousness, meet snacking.  If I have to consider each piece of food, I have to think about whether or not I’m hungry.  That, in turn, makes me more aware of my body.  How its shape has changed.  How parts of it now move in independent ways.  It gives me an interest in changing my habits, and changing my body.
Why any guy wouldn’t want to eat like a caveman is beyond me.

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