She changes everything she touches

Work for change

I got a well-deserved kick in the pants a few months ago, which got me to finally present the workshop which has been floating around in my head for the past fifteen years.  I came away from my first presentation of Dirty Money with a greater understanding of how money changes all that it touches.  I suppose I’ve always known this; I carried a Susan B Anthony dollar in a medicine pouch in my youth, as a representation of the Goddess.

I asked for stories of positive change due to money, and what struck me most was how many of the tales were tied to death.  As we come to the end of our lives, the energy that we have accumulated in the form of money explodes outward and touches other lives.  In the tarot, Death represents change, and the way money behaves is no exception.

I love puns as much as any sadistic smart person, so the fact that money can be called change and is absolutely an agent of change is more than a little delightful to me.  By what accident of fate do we have the same word for both change and change?  I must assume that I come by my sense of humor honestly, by providence.


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