Where are the charities?

An online search for Pagan charities doesn’t yield much.  Many Pagans choose to contribute to organizations that resonate with them, be it agencies that defend the environment, improve human living conditions, or promote equality for women in all aspects of society.  Lists of Pagan charities tend to be short and out-of-date for that reason.

There are many possible reasons for a lack of specifically Pagan charities, or the difficulty in identifying them as such.

  • Pagan religions don’t always call themselves that.  
  • Organized churches may be doing charitable work under those auspices, rather than forming independent organizations (think Roman Catholic Church vs. Salvation Army).  
  • Unlike other umbrella terms, such as Islam and Christianity, Paganism encompasses an array of theologies which, at its extremes, have so little to do with each other that there’s little impetus to work together.
Those are just some guesses.  Is there a need for Pagan-specific charities, or would it dilute the field in a time when non-profits are already struggling?
I believe that spending with intent is an important part of living with intent.  To that end, I’d like to raise the bar and promote more Pagan charities.

What Pagan charities do you know of?


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