Investment covens, or Pagan investment clubs

Years ago, at a time when only the wise knew that stocks prices ever went down, I unsuccessfully tried to start an investment club.  Today I found myself with the thought in my head that it may be time to revisit that idea, in a Pagan context.

Despite the fact that self-identified Pagans have such diverse views, I think that some of the more widely-held Pagan beliefs would help such a club focus its efforts, things like:

  • A focus on environmental consequences
  • A concern for ethics
  • Awareness of longer-term impacts
  • A desire to act with intent
Investment clubs generally teach themselves how to evaluate stocks, and each member contributes regularly to the collective funds and helps decide on the purchases and sales.  There are some wonderful resources to help with that, as well as the accounting and tax filing requirements to keep everything on the up and up.  But a group of Pagans an some kind of  . . . investment coven or circle or grove, may choose more esoteric criteria as well.
It might be social justice on steroids, with the club looking at ethical or magical impacts of the company.  Does it serve the aims of the club’s patron deity?  Are meetings conducted within a sacred circle?  Do astrological events and lunar cycles get factored into deciding when to buy, and when to sell?  Are decisions made using divination, maybe numerology, or consensus?
The possibilities would be limited by the ways the members’ beliefs overlapped, but I would suggest to any such group that a common agreement to learn about investment basics, as well as a commitment to membership for the long haul, no less than twenty years barring something really terrible, and a willingness to read this sentence to the very last word as I explain that embracing long-term investing in such a manner could only be enhanced by overlay of Pagan beliefs, would serve such an “investment coven” well.
I don’t know who put the idea in my head today, but I’m grateful.

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