Jarred by dreams

I’ve been a Pagan for 24 years, but it wasn’t until I settled into Hellenismos that I started getting messages in dreams.  I believe that’s a clear sign that I’m on the path that suits me best.  (That thought is not intended to suggest that Hellenismos is the One True Way.  Find that path that resonates with you, not with me.)

Ktesios jar

This morning I was jarred awake . . . by a jar.  I’ve been preparing a Ktesios jar, which is a shrine and offering vessel to Zeus Ktêsios, he who keeps the pantry full and abundance at hand.  Yesterday I made a snake out of polymer clay and baked it onto the jar’s top; Zeus Ktêsios appears in the form of a snake.

The jar itself should be filled with herbs, dried fruits, perhaps honey or vinegar; the exact composition varies by household but generally it’s foodstuffs that offer protection and abundance.  I’ve read about people putting in grains or fully-prepared foods, as well.  Then it gets placed in the pantry, or someplace appropriate if the home doesn’t have a pantry . . . I am fortunate in that my home does, so I don’t have to think so much.

When I went to sleep I had decided that I should wait until the fifth of the next month to fill the jar, since that’s his sacred day, or at least do so on a Thursday, the fifth day of the week.  But this morning, I was, as I say, jarred awake by a very clear message:  you will make this offering today.

Today being Easter, most businesses are closed, so I accepted that the first offering would be from existing stores.  Dried apricots?  Check.  Cardamom seeds, a cinnamon stick, and several herbs and spices including whole sage joined the mix, and olive oil filled the remainder.  I tied it up with white wool which my wife spun; she does not follow Hellenismos, so it’s always a pleasure to find ways to merge our beliefs.

This is a skeptical, secular world.  There have been times when I have gone months without thinking about my religion, and years without practicing it.  To get such a clear insight into the will of my gods is thrilling, to say the least.  It takes the chances of me slipping into secularism and divides them by zero.

I’d love to find out how gods make their will known to other Pagans.


3 thoughts on “Jarred by dreams

  1. Once Hecate woke me up put if a dead sleep to tell me “any damn offering will do” when I was waffling about what to leave. It wasn't that She wanted one just that She wanted me to get on with whatever I was going to do already.

    When Brighid wanted my attention, She came in like the tide, slowly with little pressure and a whisper of sound. After I finally realized that She was waiting patiently for my attention I had the idea that she wanted a specific interaction with Hecate. After that Hecate again spoke to me. With a resounding “Get the hell on this!”

    With Hecate I hear the words clearly ringing in my brain. I know that they come from Her. With Brighid she lets mr feel like I came up with the idea, but I know that She really gave it to me. 

    The Gods… They're a whole different story.


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