Thumbs up from the Agathos daimon

I’ve been trying to understand, and relate to, the Agathos Daimon, as part of my deepening understanding of Hellenismos.

What daimon wouldn’t want bacon?

The quest began a few months ago, when I began celebrating the Noumenia, the beginning of the lunar month.  The term refers to the day when the moon is first visible, but it’s also used to mean the three-day period which includes it.

  • Deipnon is the last day of the old month, which is reserved for Hekate and the ancestors.
  • Noumenia, first of the new moon, is when all the gods are celebrated.
  • The second day of the month is reserved for the Agathos daimon.
With serious students of the religion confused as to its nature, I know this being is somewhat mysterious.  Heck, I’m not even sure how to capitalize it, as seen in this very post.
But the first time I made offerings all three days, I happened to be roasting a pork butt for dinner.  I got the clear sense that pork fat was a very acceptable offering; in fact, please do offer pig meat whenever I like.  So I’ve made it my practice to offer a bit of bacon from my breakfast each morning; invariably, one of my female cats accepts it on the Agathos daimon’s behalf.  I have male cats, as well, but it’s definitely the girls who are in line.
So yesterday, the Deipnon, I ate my breakfast of bacon and eggs, and none of my cats were about.  They know my routine, they look forward to a bit of bacon fat and the taste of runny egg from the plate, but they eschewed my meal.  That felt right and good, because the Deipnon is the time of the ancestors.  The decision to turn down a possible offering told me that yes, the offerings I have been making are acceptable.
And of course, there’s this little guy, whom I found sunning himself in my yard next to a cinderblock the day before Deipnon.  Both the Agathos daimon and Zeus can manifest as a snake, so I’m not really sure how to interpret this, but I considered it a very good sign.

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