Google Plus, Pagans, and anonymity

Many Pagan bloggers have discovered, as I have, that if they have blogs hosted on Blogger that they’ve been associated with Google + without so much as a “by your leave.”  Since that service requires real names, and many bloggers of this community prefer to use some other name, that’s pretty annoying.  There are two ways this matters:

  1. Your own blog will be posted in your name, and
  2. Comments on your blog will be posted in the real name of that person.
Neither is true if the writer wasn’t duped into opening a Google Plus account via gmail or some other service.
It is possible to unlink blogger from Google + by visiting the dashboard and clicking on the gear icon at the top right; the option to unlink is now as plain as the eye can see.  All blogs your write will be thus freed.  Unburdening your commenting readers from this service requires going into the settings for the individual blog; below the “comments” settings you will see “Google +” settings, which permit the turning off of “comment with Google Plus” so that your readers can again choose who they wish to be.
I will not comment on a blog which requires me to use Google Plus, and I am sure I am not alone.

One thought on “Google Plus, Pagans, and anonymity

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