Tale of the True Pagan Warrior

THIS is a Pagan warrior!

The name “True Pagan Warrior” is perhaps the most uncomfortable one I possibly could have selected for this blog:  it smacks of pretension, inaccuracy, and hyper-expectation.  When I think of a “Pagan warrior,” I think of something more like the fellow in this image than I do the guy I see in the mirror while shaving.  So it’s high time I explained the damned thing.

It began in the most pedestrian of ways, but the gods have a way of taking things seriously.

Since the Great Recession, I’ve abandoned all hope of traditional employment and instead have focused on marketing my own skills.  In the interest of branding, I selected a business name that uses the same initials as my name, TPW.

At the same time, I was looking to abandon my old Wikipedia account name, and decided it would be fun to find one that also used the same initials, so I did a search of acronyms (yes, it’s actually an initialism, but so few people are familiar with that word that it flags my spell-check) and lo and behold, up popped “True Pagan Warrior” as an option.

Mind you, I can’t figure out why the acronym site had that phrase, because I’d never heard it before and still can’t find meaningful results for it online, other than my own work.  (That work, by the way, yields searches that widely stretch the meanings of “true,” “pagan,” and “warrior.”)

I already had a lackluster blog, which I eventually moved to this site, and still more recently reimagined thanks to the motivational force of the Pagan Blog Project.  I added a TPW Facebook page and was off to the races.

And I thought that was the end of it.  HA!

Writing under such a haughty name is not without its costs.  I expected — and have not received — mockery from my fellow humans, but in time I think the label started attracting deific attention.  How can I say that I was introduced to Hellenismos by Ares, and not see a connection?  And even if I can tell people with a straight face that the name has nothing to do with my relationship with Hermes, should you believe a word I say with a straight face in the first place?

And I have been tasked with seeking truth, Pagan truth, invariably with a lot of fighting.  I don’t learn lessons easily, and ofttimes there is a lot of healthy arguing involved as I stretch my mind around the truth.  Those truths are explored here, in my blog about Pagans and money, and in the occasional workshop I give.  It’s often an ugly process, but it’s one that both humbles and stretches me at the same time.  And I’m desperately in need of more flexibility and humbling, so I suppose it was a good idea to pick this wacky name in the first place.

Name magic works, but it can take years to see how it will manifest.

This post is part of the Pagan Blog Project, a yearlong exploration of spirituality.  This specific post is brought to you by the letter S.


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