Bathtub assignment: coin divination

A bathtub assignment is a task that pops into one’s head fully formed while one is in the tub, shower, walking a balance beam, speed skating, or otherwise unable to write it down.  Today I got a pretty complex one requiring me to do a lot of coin divination, all because I want to review a book.

The book is Coin Divination: Pocket Fortuneteller by the inimitable Raymond Buckland.  I was excited to find a book that spoke more broadly about divination with coins than the I-Ching alone, but for various reasons, I found myself disappointed with it.  I thought to review the book for Dirty Money, where I blog about Pagans and money, but I’m hesitant to give an unfavorable review unless I know what I’m talking about.

So I’m going to start practicing coin divination.  It’s the reason I bought the book in the first place, and I’ve been selecting coins for my set for over a year.  I have grandiose plans of embroidering a cloth with a design that could be used for a variety of throwing methods, which in itself belies my feeling of disappointment from the book, but I want to start simply and work myself into a frenzy over months or years; slow magic, if you will.

To start, I’m going to add divination to my morning routine, starting tomorrow, so I can get in some practice.  This is going to be a problem, because I never know what to ask; my approach has always been more Foolish than insightful, Epimethean rather than Promethean in its scope.  I might just come up with a list of questions based on the method to be used; for example, if I am just going to flip a coin, I could ask, “Will I have more cash in my pocket at the end of the day than I do now?”

In a few weeks, I’ll start taking requests, because by then I will 1) have some practice at interpreting the throws and 2) will probably have gotten over the I-hate-asking-questions thing, and there comes a time when you can’t get any better reading for yourself.  And accountability and accounting come from the same root, so if I’m interested in the mysteries of money, I ought to be willing to make an accounting of my path.

I’m thinking of announcing that divination requests are open at my Tumblr, True Pagan Warrior.  It’s a little-used social medium for me, one that has a built-in “ask” feature that I might use for taking the questions.  I can either post my reply publicly or send it as a message back to the recipient.  My Tumblr following is only a dozen as of this writing; perhaps giving it a niche role in my life will help build that.  It won’t be seen here, but everything I post ends up on Facebook.

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