Where’s George?: an update

Today is exactly seven months since I first posted about my Where’s George? hobby.  T his being a “W” week for the Pagan Blog Project, it seemed an apt day to check in about that.

Some of my marked Georges

When I started tracking currency, I thought it would be a good way to help keep myself mindful about money.  On that score, I probably did not need any help.  I am, at my core, a thrifty person, and keeping a lot of small bills around shows me just how thrifty I am.  I would probably be a more successful Georger if I were a bit more willing to spend money!

Along the way, I have been frequently reminded that money is part of a system, and it’s a system humans neither created nor fully understand, much less control.  When we talk about the weather, we implicitly understand that this is something we can guard against, but that our efforts to influence it will probably always have mixed, and limited, results.  With money, because we designed the bits of metal and paper, and because we thought it would be a neat idea to give one thing and receive another, we largely operate under the mistaken assumption that we control the system and its rules.  Ha!

As I’ve grown more comfortable with the site, I have become more individualized in my marking style.  Visible in the picture is a round, brown mark; that’s my signature stamp, a custom job to identify my bills.  It’s a star of Vergina, the symbol worn by members of my temple and many other practitioners of Hellenismos as a symbol of our path.  Money that I use in my money hunter spellwork just gets that stamp, because some Georgers are uncomfortable hitting bills that have political or other messages on them.

There are social groups on the WG? site, including a few small ones that cater to Georgers of various religious persuasions, so I started a Pagan Georgers group.  Thus far, I remain its only member, but I am unconcerned; the Catholic Georgers, which has been around for over four years, boasts only 17 members, so even having one Pagan is a disproportionately high number.

If you’re a Georger or are interested in the hobby, don’t be a stranger:  comments are open.

This post is part of the Pagan Blog Project, a yearlong exploration of spirituality.  This specific post is brought to you by the letter W.


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