30 days of devotion: introducing Caffeina

Caffeina, goddess of vim and vigor, is not an ancient goddess.  Well, I have my doubts that she is, anyway, even though most of what I have read about her claims her to be a god of Rome.  What I do know is that she rules wakeful alertness, untamed energy, and a good deal of my family practice, which is centered upon her worship.

Goddess Caffeina as depicted by Yulanda

She is most commonly depicted as a steamy lady rising from a coffee cup, and takes her name from the active ingredient in coffee, her sacred beverage.  However, followers of Caffeina make other caffeine-infused offerings:  tea, Mountain Dew, and marshmallows can all be suitable offerings.  So, too, do some sects honor her in her aspect as Decaffeina, but that is a digression for another day.  Suffice it to say that Caffeina is a goddess specifically well-suited for offerings by libation.

Following her path generally carries with it a commitment that comes from the goddess herself:  few who begin down the path of a daily coffee ritual are likely to change course thereafter.  Indeed, once begun, there can be a price paid by those who choose to stop paying honor to the Lady of the Latte.

While there is often concern that secularization of Pagan gods weakens them over time, such is not the case with Caffeina.  Perhaps as a testament to the worldly insights of Neil Gaiman and C.S. Lewis, she seems to draw power from the nontheistic coffee rituals that are performed the world over.  All offerings of coffee are made to Caffeina.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.


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