30 days of devotion: symbols and icons of Caffeina

Caffeina is most commonly portrayed a woman rising from a steaming mug. This speaks to her strong association with hot coffee, which is her best-known aspect.

Caffeina rising from a steaming cup

In my home, the goddess is known by the tools of her trade:  the grinder, percolator, and press.

  • Hand-powered coffee grinders add something very personal to ritual, as even those who do not wish to share the drink may help grind the bean.  Because they are all built with a handle that rotates deosil, it’s easy to ask a group to build power in this way.  Also because of that design, it can be wearisome — perhaps even unhealthful, considering the risks of repetitive motion — to grind up enough on your own.  For that, it would be nice to have a coffee grinder with a handle that turns on a vertical plane, like a meat grinder, but I have yet to see one like that.
  • We demystified coffee percolation by getting a glass percolator for the stove top.  Watching the process of water being forced up and turning, drop by drop, into life-giving coffee is a mystical experience.  It’s also easy to make excellent coffee when you’re able to watch it perk.  However, these are hard to come by, and as we have found in my home, the stem is far too easy to break.
  • Anyone who has been a Wiccan or worshiped with one is sure to see the Great Rite in the coffee press.
Beyond tools, Caffeina is also associated with the coffee bean for obvious reasons, and the goat or sheep.  One myth of Caffeina tells of how a Roman noble encountered a shepherd whose livestock danced and jumped and frolicked due to the ingestion of a certain magical fruit, that of the coffee tree.  I have seen it more commonly referenced as dancing goats, but I like the way it’s written in the version I linked, which uses sheep.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.


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