30 days of devotion: family of Caffeina

This is a tough topic.  Who is the family of Caffeina?  There isn’t much literature on the subject, so the question is thrown to the experience and unverified personal gnoses of her worshipers.

Information on the consort of Caffeina is easiest to come by, with several sources linking her with Juan Valdez, god of coffee, and some others associating her with the god Java or the Mesoamerican Chocolatl.  My first article on Caffeina hints at a goddess Decaffeina, but no additional sources about this deity have been revealed.  Given the strong ties that coffee has with Africa, it’s possible that she has familial bonds to some of the gods native to those lands.  More research is needed.

Do I believe that there are siblings, parents, and children of Caffeina?  Most assuredly I do.  In our fast-paced society we do not always stop to consider the greater system in which forces operate, and caffeine is no different on that account.  Those deities could well include a sibling Tobaccus, to whom mindful offerings have been made in my own presence; children such as Vim and Vigor; perhaps she was sired by Somnambulus, for all I know.

Be she black and unknowable, creamy and mysterious, bracing or sweet, steaming hot or a frozen delight, Caffeina keeps her own mysteries.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.

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