30 days of devotion: names and epithets of Caffeina

I have been collecting names of Caffeina for some time, but I frequently discover her wearing different names and epithets which are new to me.  Her primary name is reputedly Roman, so since I am Hellenic in my practice I should perhaps refer to her as Kaffeina instead, but that would likely add confusion. She is called:

  • Dark Mother
    Caffeina, by Shannon Townsen
  • Wakeful Maiden
  • Steamy Lady
  • Goddess of the Waking Day
  • Lady of the Latte
In addition, there is a charge of the goddess Caffeina which suggests that one may invoke her using the best-known names for coffee, to wit:

She who of old was called among men Savarin, Nescafe, Folgers Crystals and so many other names…

Although this prayer is undated, the specific names selected for Caffeina suggest that it was written prior to Starbucks entering the general consciousness, and drawing our minds towards specific varietals rather than mass-produced brands.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.


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