30 days of devotion: variations of Caffeina

Traditionally considered a Roman goddess, with some Caffeina myths associating her with Julian the Apostate, despite the clear link between coffee and northern Africa.  Perhaps the Romans had a better PR department, then or now.

Caffeina as muse is on left, near the Wikipedia globe.

Nevertheless, as a Hellenic Pagan I honor Hestia Caffeina, an epithet of the goddess of the hearth to whom I was already used to making offerings first, as is custom with Hestia.  This is consistent with the complex and fluid relationship between Hellenic and Roman deities; I do not entirely understand these interrelationships, but I know that this one feels right to me.  Like so much about Caffeina, this is unverified personal gnosis; this particular UPG is mine, but I’m not the only one making libations of coffee to Hestia.

Some college students have pondered the muse Caffeina; the image from that post illustrates this one.  Caffeina is on the left.  For more about that particular cosmology, read the post.

In keeping with the dualism common in Wicca, there is a male aspect, the god Caffeine; note that in this charge Juan Valdez is considered a prophet, while more traditional Javacrucian theology places him as consort to the Lady of the Latte.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.


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