30 days of devotion: offerings to Caffeina

As a found goddess, it’s more difficult to separate historically researched offerings from those discovered through personal gnosis, verified or unverified.  On the other hand, it should come as no surprise that the primary offering to Caffeina is coffee.

Offering of ground coffee and barley
made to the goddess Caffeina

How is that coffee to be offered?  It depends on how you relate to the gods in general.

  • If you’re a Hellenic Pagan, like myself, a libation of coffee is appropriate; the theoi (gods of the Greeks) are familiar with liquid offerings being poured upon the ground.
  • Heathens, on the other hand, might make a toast with their coffee.  As I understand it, those gods accept offerings poured down the throat, rather than onto the ground.
  • Another acceptable form is offering ground coffee to Caffeina.  Note that ground coffee is not the same as coffee grounds; the latter has had the active ingredient removed and is no longer an appropriate offering.
  • The above link describes how I tie my offerings to Caffeina to the wheel of the year by intermingling the ground coffee with barley, which makes sense since I use a lot of barley anyway.  Consider that a launching pad for your own seasonal practice, and please add a comment if you have another idea that works for you.
  • The blessed of Caffeina, those who feel powerful effects from even the slightest amounts of caffeine, may make the aroma of brewing coffee their primary offering; many gods enjoy the aromatic offerings we mortals make, and she is no different.
Another approach is to make offerings of other caffeine-infused materials, such as:
I’m not entirely sure how one would offer caffeinated pants, but I don’t judge.

As a side note, online research is getting trickier for this devotional:  the top three hits for “offerings to Caffeina” in Google were written by me.  Clearly Caffeina is offered more coffee than writing.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.


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