30 days of devotion: festivals, days, and special times of Caffeina

Some of the times which are sacred to Caffeina will be immediately obvious to those most familiar with her good graces.  Alas, it does not appear that the Caffeina Festival is one of those times.

First and foremost, Caffeina is a Goddess of the Waking Day.  This means that she is best honored upon arising, be it in the morning or whenever we must cross the threshold from sleep into consciousness again.  An offering of the first cup of coffee is always appropriate.  Any moment which immediately follows sleep is sacred to Caffeina.

Caffeina is a goddess of community, and the times of the year when people tarry and linger over coffee in the evenings are sacred to her, from Thanksgiving dinner to Valentine’s night out.  Any night when it’s okay to have one more cup is a night that is sacred to Caffeina.

She is also a goddess of facing the insurmountable:  dedicate your college all-nighters to her, your insanely long shifts as a hospital resident or long-haul truck driver.  Any night when sleep is simply not an option is a night that is sacred to Caffeina.

While there are not any festivals explicitly held in her honor, Caffeina is a goddess who doesn’t have a problem with secularized worship.  Latte art competitionscoffee trade shows, and coffee cuppings are all appropriate to use as festivals; the more ambitious Caffeinite might plan a vacation as a coffee pilgrimage to Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.  There are benefits to worshiping a goddess whose sacred plant is found in tropical latitudes.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.


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