30 days of devotion: places sacred to Caffeina

Caffeina is worshiped and honored wherever beans are roasted, joe is brewed, and morning breaks.  That said, some places are particularly sacred to her.

  • Ethiopia, for one:  everyone knows that it’s the birthplace of coffee; even Starbucks says so.  It’s the sort of place one might go on a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to.
  • The site of any coffee varietal sacred to your particular practice is equally valid.
  • Roasting plants are kind of secular mystery traditions for Caffeina; few ever do more the glimpse the inner workings of these establishments.
  • Coffee shops, of course:  an awfully lot of them are actually named after Caffeina anyway, so it’s not like they aren’t expecting it.  If I lived near any of these places, I’d definitely ask if I could organize a weekly prayer group to Caffeina, and if they agreed, I think it would be well-attended.
Now let’s be clear about biases:  I worship Caffeina solely as the goddess of coffee, and I believe that all of her spheres of influence emanate from coffee, just as coffee itself spread over the world for the sacred mountains of Ethiopia.  I’m sure that there are other places that a non-coffee-drinking Caffeina-worshiper might find sacred, but I’m simply not the priest to ask, because it is not the path I follow, nor is it the path I teach.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.


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