30 days of devotion: modern cultural issues dear to Caffeina’s heart

I’d subtitle this “Caffeina’s Causes” if I were using a subtitly blog platform.

  • Caffeina clearly cares about coffee.  There are issues of social justice and envir
    “Coffee goddess” by Deskleaves

    onmental degradation associated with coffee cultivation, and those who work towards resolving these issues are in her favor.

  • Caffeina is a goddess of labor, for it is she upon whose back the strain of “increased productivity” is so often borne.
  • Caffeina is the champion of fair trade, which is at the intersection between cultivation and labor, and is a vital issues to her oldest sacred places, to wit:
  • Caffeina is unquestionably concerned with the cradle of civilization, for the places coffee grows best are among those places longest occupied by humanity.  She has walked alongside us for far longer than we have known her by name, or even the power of her sacred plant, coffee.  The geopolitical upheavals undoubtedly have her attention.
  • Caffeina craves the deep philosophy, the inspired art, the spontaneous poem, the spoken word and the political debate, that are so often awakened by her touch.  As the world has grown more secularized, Caffeina stands as guide to the Muses.  Not everyone asks for, or even needs, this service, but a lot more need such a boost than used to.
  • Caffeina is interested in social justice overall, for all the reasons noted above.  Ethical business dealings, proper use of political muscle, thoughtful stewardship of the environment, and incisive thinking all contribute to social justice, so surely this is not lost on the goddess.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.


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