30 days of devotion: worship of Caffeina in modern times

Has the worship of Caffeina changed in modern times?  Oh MY yes.  While coffee has been a loyal companion of our kind for millennia, it is only in recent decades that Caffeina has been undeniably revealed to us, and the use of the beverage has reached a fevered pitch.

Caffeina, even as she personalizes the coffee experience, manages to transcend cultural and religious baggage to reach followers of all stripes.  The Charge of the Goddess Caffeina instructs:

Whenever ye have need of wakefulness, at least once in the day, and better  it be when the sun is rising, then ye shall assemble in your kitchens and  adore the essence of Me who am Queen of all Beverages.

This ritual takes place in all corners of the world.  Indeed, some Christians call coffee hour the “third sacrament” of their religion because they understand the power of community that Caffeina brings to their worship.  (Mind you, it is no disrespect for Christians to have a relationship with Caffeina:  the commandment says something about “no other gods before me,” not “no other gods period.”)

Worship of Caffeina has come a long way since she revealed herself to us, something I suspect took place in the 20th century, although I have yet to chase down the details.  Now the coffee houses which are her temples often bear her name, and she brings together followers of many different paths who share devotion to her sacred brew.

In fact, I’m hoping that my own Hellenic community takes a page from the Christians, and we include at least a coffee hour at our upcoming revival festival to help bring us closer together.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.


2 thoughts on “30 days of devotion: worship of Caffeina in modern times

  1. Actually, I do believe the worship of Caffeina first began in the London coffee houses of the 17th-18th centuries. It was considered to be a very exotic drink — and many types were available. Gentlemen and the aristocracy just could not get their ladies to try this particular nectar.


    • That’s a bit of history with which I was unfamiliar. If your assertion is that Caffeina worship happens wherever and whenever coffee is consumed, the religion goes back much further than that. However, if you’re saying that this was the time and place in which explicit worship of Caffeina began, I would love to know more.


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