30 days of devotion: what I love — and don’t — about Caffeina

Any hard polytheist — and probably quite a few softer ones — will tell you that every deity is an individual that must be accepted as a whole being.  We cannot simply pick the aspects we adore and pretend that the rest doesn’t exist, any more than we can with a human companion.

Caffeina by Georgie Watts

Caffeina, like any other goddess, brings astounding blessings to her followers, but she can also be a bit hard to handle.

What I love about Caffeina:

  • Through her I love coffee.  Most of us are disappointed when we first taste it, can’t imagine ever drinking it on purpose, and puzzled that the smell is so much better.  Nothing short of a goddess could change that.
  • She brings me energy and focus when I desire to be asleep or spaced out; our shared cup has gotten me through countless projects.
  • Caffeina inspires me.  This is the twenty-second post about Caffeina that I have written, and my first homage dates back to 2007.
  • My wife and I have faith practices which are quite different, and Caffeina dwells in the place where they overlap.
  • I have strengthened business ties, friendships, and spiritual relationships through her good graces.
What I accept about Caffeina:
  • Failing to make daily offerings results in unambiguous consequences.
  • For all my love of coffee, sometimes it gives me heartburn.
  • She is no stranger to anxiety, and isn’t afraid to use it.
  • I may never understand why she allows bad coffee to exist.
  • Her name is the same as an Italian word — for coffee, I think — so it’s hard to Google her glory.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.


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