30 days of devotion: my changing relationship with Caffeina

The biggest change in my worship of Caffeina is that I now do so in a Hellenic manner, pouring libations to her on a regular basis, when previously my practice was less frequently overt.

Caffeina as interpreted in a business logo

Not to say that there wasn’t a robust relationship there already:  I occasionally performed hymns publicly for her, and she was the goddess invoked in our handfasting, so it wasn’t just fond thoughts and warm fuzzies between us.  But those times were generally planned well in advance and required some orchestration, so it could be a year or two between.

On the other hand, Caffeina has been a central figure on the family altar for many years, so while the outward acts were not frequent, the inward devotion was not entirely absent, either.  Neopagan beliefs in a broad sense support that sort of internalized worship, and it served me well for many years.

Because she has walked with me through my shift from an individualized practice to one that is modeled on [what little we know of] ancient Hellenic ritual, I feel like she’s a good touchstone for me.  The fact that I found a reasonably Hellenic way to honor her was one of the first ways that I confirmed that embracing Hellenismos was a good choice for me.

She strikes me as the kind of goddess who can adapt to many lifestyles and traditions.  Consider this my official call to teach me something I don’t know about her.  It shouldn’t be too difficult, because I don’t know much.

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