30 days of devotion: UPGs about Caffeina

That’s “unverified personal gnosis” for all of you folks who loathe initialisms and other lazy abbreviations as much as I do.  I only use it for Google’s sake.

I’ve already touched on the most significant revelation that I’ve had about Caffeina, that it’s perfectly acceptable to worship her as Hestia Caffeina in keeping with Hellenic practice.

This really speaks to the question of what kind of polytheist I am, because I am saying that Caffeina is an epithet, or title, of the goddess Hestia.  This syncretic practice describes one as an aspect of the other, which makes a lot of sense if you consider that Hestia is the first to be honored each day, a place which Caffeina understandably holds for her devotees.

However, does this mean that I no longer acknowledge Caffeina as a unique, individual being?  Not at all.  Both she and Hestia are individuals in my mind.  Those offerings I make to Hestia, other than a libation of coffee, are not to Hestia Caffeina.  Likewise, when my wife (who does not follow a Hellenic path) and I worship together, it is to Caffeina we pray, not Hestia Caffeina.

Simply put, I don’t think that my limited concept of the nature of deity is at all qualified to define individuality.  They are separate, and they are not.  It’s paradoxical, and I’m okay with that.  I consider myself a polytheist, and not one of those polytheists who believe that all of the gods are facets of the same unknowable whole, either.  The ideas of “one” and “many” are entirely human, and I am content with the seeming madness of suggesting that both are likely true.

This post is part of a series, 30 days of devotion to Caffeina.

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