Bathtub assignment: ancestor offering

It’s not like WE are going to change your bed pan, sonny!

Today I celebrated the Deipnon, like many of my co-religionists.  This is the day that I make offerings to Hekate, and to my ancestors.  And this morning, I was pleased to get one of those submerged personal gnoses which I like to call bathtub assignments, those glorious epiphanies that come when there isn’t anything in reach with which to record it.  Well, I’m not complaining.  They could pop up in the shower, for one thing, and they could pop up not at all, which would be quite sucky.

So today my assignment was to up my offerings to the ancestors with . . . an IRA contribution.  Apparently, olive oil and Scotch just aren’t enough anymore; it’s high time I get back on the retirement-planning wagon before I become a burden upon my own descendant.  (That’s right, just one, and his attention is sure to be divided among his four parents, nce we all reach our dotage.)  My ancestors remember who I have been, sometimes better than I do myself.

I had an aggressive savings strategy ten years ago, when I was miserable in my work but earning a lot doing it.  So much so that I was able to leave that job and coast for awhile as I pursued business opportunities (and yes, if you think you know what “business opportunity” is code for, you’re probably right).  I transformed my robust IRA into a down payment on a house, and have no regrets, but the message was clear:  it’s time to get into the habit again.

This is going to be a slow restart.  I only contributed a buck this month, but I plan on increasing that amount each Deipnon going forward, until I either reach the maximum annual contribution ($5,500 this year) or I risk running out of gas money.  But if I can contribute a dollar to an IRA, so can anyone else who has earned income this year (or plans on it).  Start small, it pays off.

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