Pagan Tea Time redux

This is my second open call to join me for some Pagan tea.  I have completed the process of migrating my blog from Blogger (owned by Google, which tries harder every day to stalk me wherever I go online) to WordPress, and unlike all the other posts I have written, that one didn’t make it over.  So allow me to show how awesome WordPress by showing off one of its features, the contact form:

Drawing of two people in ancient Greek style sharing a beverage

Let’s have a conversation face to face, or at least voice to voice.

Of course, I am also going to find out what happens if I try to put a contact form and an image next to each other, which could be a terrible mess.  Or a brilliant layout.  I have never taken “preview” all that seriously; publish or perish, I say, and let the gods sort ’em out.


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