Wanted: Pagan accountants

Yes, it’s heading into tax season, and I want to know:  where are the Pagan accountants?  I’m sure they exist; I know so very many Pagan computer programmers, physicists, and similarly right-brained folk that surely there must be some Pagan accountants out there, too, and I would like to talk to them.

I may very well use some of what you tell me in future posts, so if you want to use a pseudonym of some kind, fine by me.  Accountants could, I surmise, range the gamut from those who all but live a double life (trial balances by day, ritual trials by night) to those whose office and temple are the same space, so how much identifying information you wish to share is definitely a personal choice.

What I want to know includes:

  • What kind of Pagan are you?
  • How does your faith inform your work?
  • Do you view these numbers as sacred and/or magical?

There are probably other questions, ones I don’t know enough to know to ask yet.


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