Tea is for Pagans who haven’t tried the velvet cake

Maybe one of the unintended benefits of these Pagan tea times is realizing that our drinks are a metaphor for our community.  Tonight I had the pleasure of sitting down — in person, no less — with Sannion and Galina.  They had dinner.  I had dessert.  It was tea time, but two of us had coffee.  Aren’t we all just lonely truckers sidling up to the diner counter that is the universe?

I feel very fortunate that two people knowledgeable in my areas of interest are living close enough that I can actually take time out of my day to see them in person.  Practicing apart together and sharing ritual via Skype each have their place, but it would be nice to do something in person more than once or twice a year.

So what did I learn?  That Sannion is quite an approachable conversationalist, despite how often his blog goes over my head.  That Galina may yet have her students diagramming sentences in ancient Greek, if they’re not careful.  That Galina’s recommendations for dessert should always be heeded, and that Sannion has been given every opportunity to reacquaint himself with Eastern winters by moving back this way this year.

I completely understand how frustrating it can be to read or hear language the excludes the experience of polytheists, but like Sannion, I think it’s healthy that our community has matured to the point where it can have debates over relatively fine points like these.  While I also get where Galina is coming from when she says that this really isn’t a single community, I’m not quite ready to throw the towel in yet.  I never would have found my own way to Hellenic polytheism without the broader Pagan community, and if nothing else, I hope that the easy flow from one to the other will continue to benefit all of us.

We also touched on Ron Paul, and speculated about the reactions if I incorporate him into a blog post.  And no, this one doesn’t count.  Stay tuned if you want to see if I do it or not.

One thought on “Tea is for Pagans who haven’t tried the velvet cake

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