What are some of the ways that you communicate with the divinities?

Finally, I get to a question that’s a bit easier to answer!  For me, communication is usually asynchronous; I talk to the gods at different times than they speak to me.  I perform devotions to one or more gods daily, which generally involve a libation and an offering of barley, sometimes include reciting a written prayer or hymn, and less frequently the lighting of a candle or an offering of incense.

Replies come in many forms:

  • Signs:  I have a friend who is very good at pointing out the ones I might otherwise miss, such as the eagle we spied last summer or a hawk perched outside of my kitchen window the other day.
  • Silence:  I have mentioned more than once that in the company of Quakers I have gotten messages; their practice creates an excellent environment for this sort of listening.
  • Water:  I receive insights, and assignments in the bathtub just often enough that I use the tub for my mind rather than my body.
  • Insight:  On rare occasion, I will have a full-blown message pop directly into my head while performing devotions.

As with any devotional or mystical path, the key is developing the discernment necessary to know the difference between a sign or message and the machinations of the universe.  I’m still working on that part.

This post is part of a series of devotional questions for polytheists which were developed by Galina Krasskova.


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