Dollar Dwolla divination

I was pleased to see that one of my favorite bloggers is back from his retreat from the internet, and is now performing pay-what-you-will Tarot readings.  I like the idea of trial offers like that, and encourage people to give it a try.  I’ve been mulling over doing something similar for quite some time, and I am now taking the plunge, but my approach is slightly different.

Because I enjoy exploring how money influences every aspect of our lives, I am going to be performing dollar divinations with Dwolla, an oddly-named payment service which doesn’t get much press but is much less scary than PayPal.  For one, PayPal’s fees would eat me up, but Dwolla charges just a quarter no matter the amount of money moving about.  For another, PayPal has been known to freeze accounts now and ask questions later . . . often months later, which can totally screw the schlub who needed that money.

Practice makes perfect, but giving away something for free sends the message that it’s worth what you pay for it.  Charging a dollar now only encourages people to use this nifty payment system (it’s the only one I’m accepting), it also is sound marketing.  If you don’t know the quality of a service, you may be reluctant to purchase it, which is why it’s a good idea to give a small taste for a nominal fee.  Easy-peasy.

Some basic rules for this offer:

  1. This will be for a limited time, but I haven’t set an end date yet.
  2. One question only.  If you need more, you’re going to have to pay again.
  3. I am using my own coin divination system or the Lymerian oracle for these questions.  If the system is not specified, I’ll be using the coins.
  4. Answers will be emailed to the address provided.  If none is provided, both question and answer will be posted on the TPW Facebook page, without the querent’s name.
  5. Requests for divination may be made here.

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