What methods does your tradition employ for protection and the warding off of malign influences?

I rightly should tag this “good question,” which sounds more intelligent than, “I haven’t got a clue.”  Perhaps I will find the time to actually find an answer at the Polytheist Leadership Conference.

My ignorance stems from a mindset which predates my Hellenic practice.  Magic has effects which reach further than I can foresee, which has generally kept me from using much of it over the years.  Even seemingly positive actions like warding and protection have the potential to cause problems down the road, and I’ve cultivated a very successful and thoroughly foolish way to get better results by not using magic for that kind of stuff pretty much ever.

And no, I ain’t gonna write down how.  Nyah.

This post is part of a series of devotional questions for polytheists which were developed by Galina Krasskova.


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