Poseidon Petraios

Mighty rock, Poseidon Petraios, hear my prayer!
The pounding of the surf is the pulse of your blood
and the impassable shore a testament to your flood
of vitality, of life born of challenge.

The Thessalians praised your gifts, implacable Petraios,
and recall that you parted the rocks of their rugged land
to bid sweet Peneius to issue forth
and bring pure water to thirsting mouths.

So too did the rocks themselves bring forth
Skuphios, first among horses
at the slightest touch
of your sacred seed.

The most forbidding of shores
are nursery to your hardiest progeny,
for you are but the mantle
enfolding beloved and venerable Ge.

The rocks and stone themselves
teem with your breath of life,
o stalwart Petraios, protector
and preserver of your grandmother Earth.

By offerings burnt or to the earth returned
do I praise and honor you, Petraios.
Your name is first to my lips
for by your leave alone do I walk this blessed earth.

Poseidon Pater

Hail, father of life, Poseidon Pater!
From your loins have sprung
all manner of wonders.
So, too, do your oceans teem.

Pater, have patience with your children.

In the vastness of your mind
you plan for your progeny, Pater,
with currents and waves
beyond our mortal ken.

Pater, have patience with your children.

In our thinking and imagining
we stumble, we tumble, we upset your design.
We intentionally undo
that which you design.

Pater, have patience with your children.

Our frail and finite dreams
cannot grasp your vision pure,
and with ham-handed means
we express a love quite sure.

Pater, have patience with your children.

Though we fight and fuss and pout
and resist the course you set,
may you always bring your patience
as you look upon our mess.

Poseidon Soter

Poseidon Soter, I lift your honors to the heavens this day!
Savior of sailors and fishermen who live and die on the seas,
seeking their fortune in your bounty,
each trip a miracle as you turn them again homewards
rather than towards grim Haides’ gates.

Storms without and storms within:
you shield me from forces beyond my ken.
Lift me up, as you have so many times before,
up and out of the swirling depths of madness,
into your glittering realm of beauty and hope.

You, who could cast me aside with nary a thought,
choose instead the savior’s role.
When the dark depths beckon,
you bring buoyancy of spirit
and smooth sailing to the next shore.

Praised be you, savior mine,

Poseidon Hippios

Hail Hippios, thundering lord of horses!
There is no distinction between
the pounding of the surf,
the rumble of the rocks,
the surging of my heart, and
the thunder of the hooves.

Human labor would never be
human mastery without these beasts.
But human failings can ever forget
the debts we owe, greatest to least.

Hippios, with your horses as partners
our people have thrived,
sharing our labors and
permitting our rides.

May our people remember
this gift that you gave
and honor your horses
as companions, not slaves.

Poseidon Erechtheus

Erechtheion, Athens, Greece.

Hail, Poseidon, and hear my words,
as I sing praises to you as Erechtheus.
Beloved of Athens you are,
that jewel of my ancestors.

The Athenians thought long and hard
before giving the city’s patronage to mighty Athena.
They weighed her gift of olives
against the spring you summoned forth.

Blessed indeed were they to have such a spring!
For while grey-eyed Athena received the honor,
it was the salty brine which preserved that fruit
and transformed the way nourishment was shared.

To you was given a temple straddling unstable lands
and the Athenians traced their heritage back to you.
Erechtheus, from you sprang the elements of civilization,
and for that alone I praise and honor you.

Poseidon Asphaleios

I sing to the safe one, steadfast securer
Poseidon Asphaleios, solid touchstone of my soul.
Calmer of seas, settler of the earth,
When ground I must, through you I do.

Asphaleios, you bring the certainty, the routine, the expectation
without which our minds and species cannot grow.
I ask you to insure against disaster
and protect my home from ruin.

Asphaleios, in your blessings I find the skills
to provide for my family and community.
May I ever grow from the solid foundation
Your steadfastness brings to my life.

Asphaleios, from you stems patience and serenity,
faith that the gods will carry those burdens I cannot,
and confidence in my strength to bear what I must.
May I never lose sight of you in stormy seas.

Poseidon Domatites

I sing to Poseidon Domatites, god of the house, the doorways, the windows.
Builders of the walls of Troy, you bring safety and protection to your own.
In the liminal spaces you dwell between sacred and profane,
Purifying all that enters with your sacred waters.

Domatites, you stand between me and the fearful unknown, and
You preserve the structure of my life against formless dread.
Yet you bid me look upon my destruction and my fear,
So that understanding brings acceptance.

Courter of the virgin Hestia, you stand at the boundary,
Describing the proper place for honor to the gods.
Domatites, without you sacred spaces cannot stand in my home
Or in my heart.

Kharin ekhoma soi.