Spell for the hunter

Last month, TPW started writing for The Wild Hunt, just prior to the start of that site’s third annual fall funding drive.  I agreed to write for free with the understanding that I would start getting paid once the drive was over — and fully funded.  Among the three ways I derive most of my income, journalism is by far my favorite, this being able to get paid to write about issues of Pagan concern is a big deal to me.

When last year’s fund drive was complete, founding editor Jason Pitzl-Waters wrote about how fundraising is magic:

Fundraising is the art of causing change in conformity with your Will, or is that magick? Fundraising is a spell. One that you don’t cast alone. You mobilize the spell of fundraising by making it a group effort. By asking people you know to be your supporters to help you. Asking for help is powerful magic, and you can never tell what it will bring you. I have been blessed in the people and groups who have chosen to help me, and I try to pay that back by sharing and supporting other fundraising drives. In fact, while this fundraising drive was going on, I donated to two others. That reciprocity is important, because it builds community, and it is through community that you will find enough people to help you in your goal.

That was long before I thought I would have a chance to write for that site, and is resonated with me as I continue to explore the mysteries of money.  All of that stored energy, yet most of the spells that use it are designed to return more money.  I have always wanted to know more.  That’s why I decided that, this year in particular, I needed to make a donation that was also a spell.

Preparing the money for its big trip

Preparing the money for its big trip

After a couple of weeks of thinking on it, I opted to go with found money as the basis, because it’s steeped in good fortune.  It amazed me that I was able to hit my personal funding goal with cash that has turned up on the street, in the lint trap, under couch cushions and in the dark corners of my car, but I was indeed able to gather $150 that was all found money.  I dressed the cash with a money oil and invoked its spirits to go out and seek prosperity and readership for The Wild Hunt, as well as additional donations.

Releasing a money spell involves an exchange, be it spending, or depositing, or some way using money the way it is designed to be used.  While I could have deposited it in my bank account and written a check, I followed the path I have so often before, that of the Fool, and put all the coins and bill in a box which I mailed to The Wild Hunt’s fiscal sponsor, the Pantheon Foundation.  I wrote an extra verse to send it on its way, and included a note advising the recipient to dispose of the other components in any way deemed appropriate for such things.

Last addition before shipping were a verse and some instructions.

Last addition before shipping were a verse and some instructions.

That gave my working a personal connection with the people directing the money, and also supported the United States Postal Service, which is something I like to do whenever possible anyway.  It’s still a prosperity spell, but it’s only going to benefit me indirectly, so I feel I’m that much closer to understanding the deeper metaphysical truths about money.

Yes, sending money through the mail is the kind of thing makes many people frown, including my mother, countless employees of the postal service, and anyone who believes that packages should never rattle, slosh, or jingle in transit.  Mine arrived safely, as I knew it would, but I didn’t write about it until long after the fact, just in case.  Money spells do not necessarily involve the shipment of cash to work:  as I noted above, had I exchanged the cash for a check it would have worked perfectly fine, and I could have had fun penning an additional invocation for the memo field.  What was important here was to use my own personal spell to advance the goal of the larger fundraising spell, and it appears to have succeeded on that score.

The Wild Hunt’s 2014 fall funding drive runs from the autumn equinox to Samhain, and while as of this writing it’s at 106% of its goal, please do make a donation if you enjoy the site.  Extra money goes towards paying for additional columnists, or finding new journalists, or helping my awesome editor get that much closer to doing this work full time.  Paganism needs many voices, and I’m proud to be both a supporter and contributor to one of its most notable ones.


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