Poseidon Domatites

I sing to Poseidon Domatites, god of the house, the doorways, the windows.
Builders of the walls of Troy, you bring safety and protection to your own.
In the liminal spaces you dwell between sacred and profane,
Purifying all that enters with your sacred waters.

Domatites, you stand between me and the fearful unknown, and
You preserve the structure of my life against formless dread.
Yet you bid me look upon my destruction and my fear,
So that understanding brings acceptance.

Courter of the virgin Hestia, you stand at the boundary,
Describing the proper place for honor to the gods.
Domatites, without you sacred spaces cannot stand in my home
Or in my heart.

Kharin ekhoma soi.


4 thoughts on “Poseidon Domatites

  1. I wish there was a ‘love’ button for this. Absolutely beautiful. Hail, Poseidon Domatites! (I love, more than I can explain properly, seeing these lesser-known and recognized bits of Him receiving attention)


    • This is partially your fault, since i discovered your blog through your first post about this epithet.

      It is also the start of an assignment to revisit the names I know as a way to reconnect. Stay tuned, I have a lot more work to do!


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