Poseidon Asphaleios

I sing to the safe one, steadfast securer
Poseidon Asphaleios, solid touchstone of my soul.
Calmer of seas, settler of the earth,
When ground I must, through you I do.

Asphaleios, you bring the certainty, the routine, the expectation
without which our minds and species cannot grow.
I ask you to insure against disaster
and protect my home from ruin.

Asphaleios, in your blessings I find the skills
to provide for my family and community.
May I ever grow from the solid foundation
Your steadfastness brings to my life.

Asphaleios, from you stems patience and serenity,
faith that the gods will carry those burdens I cannot,
and confidence in my strength to bear what I must.
May I never lose sight of you in stormy seas.


4 thoughts on “Poseidon Asphaleios

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