Poseidon Erechtheus

Erechtheion, Athens, Greece.

Hail, Poseidon, and hear my words,
as I sing praises to you as Erechtheus.
Beloved of Athens you are,
that jewel of my ancestors.

The Athenians thought long and hard
before giving the city’s patronage to mighty Athena.
They weighed her gift of olives
against the spring you summoned forth.

Blessed indeed were they to have such a spring!
For while grey-eyed Athena received the honor,
it was the salty brine which preserved that fruit
and transformed the way nourishment was shared.

To you was given a temple straddling unstable lands
and the Athenians traced their heritage back to you.
Erechtheus, from you sprang the elements of civilization,
and for that alone I praise and honor you.

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