Poseidon Hippios

Hail Hippios, thundering lord of horses!
There is no distinction between
the pounding of the surf,
the rumble of the rocks,
the surging of my heart, and
the thunder of the hooves.

Human labor would never be
human mastery without these beasts.
But human failings can ever forget
the debts we owe, greatest to least.

Hippios, with your horses as partners
our people have thrived,
sharing our labors and
permitting our rides.

May our people remember
this gift that you gave
and honor your horses
as companions, not slaves.


8 thoughts on “Poseidon Hippios

  1. Oh, I love that painting. Another beautiful hymn (can we just admit here and now that I’m going to love them all? Because, I’m going to love them all.) This makes me think of the mine ponies — my mind is always on the mine ponies during the ritual I have in honor of Poseidon Hippios.


    Have you seen this image? I just came across this one the day before yesterday, and it’s becoming my “Poseidon at Yule” mental image. (Tickled me pink to discover that Poseidon was honored at the Solstice by many in the Hellenic world, for all His pushing to be part of Yule alongside Odin in our household).


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