Poseidon Pater

Hail, father of life, Poseidon Pater!
From your loins have sprung
all manner of wonders.
So, too, do your oceans teem.

Pater, have patience with your children.

In the vastness of your mind
you plan for your progeny, Pater,
with currents and waves
beyond our mortal ken.

Pater, have patience with your children.

In our thinking and imagining
we stumble, we tumble, we upset your design.
We intentionally undo
that which you design.

Pater, have patience with your children.

Our frail and finite dreams
cannot grasp your vision pure,
and with ham-handed means
we express a love quite sure.

Pater, have patience with your children.

Though we fight and fuss and pout
and resist the course you set,
may you always bring your patience
as you look upon our mess.


8 thoughts on “Poseidon Pater

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  2. Every time I think, “there, this is perfect, it cannot be better than this,” you post again. Getting to see other people writing about Him, about all His various faces and ways of being and ways of interacting with us, is such a wonderful delight. Honestly, I’m not sure it was something I’d ever see. People talk about Him from time to time, but it’s almost always as His role as a sea-god, and I do suspect that the lovely pigeon-holing that happens to the gods in our understanding of them is something that we do that may not be authentic to how people viewed them in the past. Part of me is still giddy and laughing (Look! Look! Someone else *loves* Him!) which is maybe not fair, because other people beyond you and I do — they must — but I don’t get to see it often, and so: giddiness ensues. These hymns are allowing me a glimpse into your relationship with Him, and it’s moved a bit from “someone else loves Him” to “someone else *gets* Him!” which may again not be fair to others but, again, I rarely get to see it. Not that I think I’m owed the seeing of it or anything, it’s just an awesome honor and I’m aware of that fact. So, again, thank you.


    • Your words really matter to me, so thank you so much! My understanding grows with all the speed of a tectonic plate. Ironically, he got impatient; I guess this is the resulting earthquake.

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