Poseidon Petraios

Mighty rock, Poseidon Petraios, hear my prayer!
The pounding of the surf is the pulse of your blood
and the impassable shore a testament to your flood
of vitality, of life born of challenge.

The Thessalians praised your gifts, implacable Petraios,
and recall that you parted the rocks of their rugged land
to bid sweet Peneius to issue forth
and bring pure water to thirsting mouths.

So too did the rocks themselves bring forth
Skuphios, first among horses
at the slightest touch
of your sacred seed.

The most forbidding of shores
are nursery to your hardiest progeny,
for you are but the mantle
enfolding beloved and venerable Ge.

The rocks and stone themselves
teem with your breath of life,
o stalwart Petraios, protector
and preserver of your grandmother Earth.

By offerings burnt or to the earth returned
do I praise and honor you, Petraios.
Your name is first to my lips
for by your leave alone do I walk this blessed earth.


7 thoughts on “Poseidon Petraios

  1. . . .for you are but the mantle
    enfolding beloved and venerable Ge.

    So . . . I realize that the “Husband of the Earth”etymology of His name is not universally (or even widely, these days) accepted, and I’m not saying I think it’s correct or incorrect. I know He has been called Holder of the Earth, and I’ve always envisioned that as the oceans that covers *so much* of our plane, but this line here has given me more ways of looking at that concept. I’ve never thought of the mantle that covers our planet, that enables us to live and thrive upon a more or less steady and stable planet, that is as important as fresh water. I have chills this morning, and I’m grateful for a new way to approach Him, for this new way of understanding Him and knowing Him. Thank you so much.

    Also, fan-girl levels of happy, here, that you covered this particular epithet. On the one hand, so many of the ones you’ve touched upon are so little known, which always confuses/saddens me because on the other hand, all one has to do is read a bit of Pausanias to become acquainted with this very nuanced Poseidon. So. There may have been some (quiet, respectful of the early hour in my household) squeeing going on. Maybe.


    • I was so pleased with that phrase, because it works both poetically and geologically. Your words of encouragement have certainly helped!

      These are all the epithets I recite each day. Does that mean I am done? Not sure. I have certainly learned something from each piece…


      • It really was a prefect phrase, and I’m so glad you did use it! I love the idea of a recitation of epithets. I have to admit that verbally I shy away from mangling the Greek by translating most of them.


      • Heh, I just don’t let anyone else hear me! The recitation was a pretty common Hellenic practice, usually concluding with, “or whichever name you wish to be known by,” or something similar.


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